Sunday, June 04, 2006

Writers and People Who Screw Them

In the wonderful world of entertainment, writers are an essential part. People who are struggling to become established as writers should be encouraged to develop and mature. Part of the maturing process is the tough but necessary process of being rejected by agents who know that the writer still needs to further develop their talent.

Sad to say that there are agents out there who, in the interest of a quick buck, feed on the hopes and dreams of newly developing writers. They crush their fragile, blossoming talent by scamming them out of their money and by falsely building up their dreams with the sole intent of sucking money out of them like giant bloodsucking leeches.

Below are links to details on this sad state of affairs.


Writer Beware

Preditors and Editors

Everything you wanted to know about literary agents...

On the getting of agents

Thursday, May 04, 2006


More truth about the people behind the marches on Monday. From the RIGHTWING NUTHOUSE, administered by Rick Moran, "a 52 year old libertine from Algonquin, IL." Thankfully it looks like the truth is spreading thoughout the country and people outside the southwest are getting the picture. Maybe there will be some real action coming from Washington. But I'm not going to hold my breath.

I’ve had it with the smug, self-righteous group of immigration “reform” advocates who are calling those of us who support the rule of law over rule of politics “racists” and even (irony of ironies) “UN-American.” It reflects a towering intellectual dishonesty about the issue when your opponents feel free to distort the true nature of the opposition to illegal immigration by setting up so many strawmen that one would think the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz was on a self-replication binge, dotting the political landscape with enough copies of himself to populate a medium sized city.

The truth of the matter is that the Open Borders argument is political poison unless it is wrapped in the flag, buttresse

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sheriff Starts Posse to Round Up Illegals

Maricopa County, Arizona's Sheriff rounds up a posse to help stop the illegals flooding into his county from Mexico. In case you didn't know, Maricopa county is home of Phoenix is and is the nation's fourth largest county in terms of population size. They've been having a massive problem with illegals since the Federal government built a specialized three layer fence along the border near San Diego.

It would be nice if more action was taken like this but we need the politicians inWashington to get serious and wake up.

The San Diego Area Border Fence

Maricopa County information

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Judicial Watch Gets It and Takes Action

One of the most frustrating aspects of living in Los Angeles is knowing that with such a large and dangerous illegal immigrant population, nothing is done about it by our police. This is due to "special order 40" which prevents them from enforcing federal law.

A big thank you has to go out to Judicial Watch for taking action and suing the LAPD for not enforcing Federal law. Maybe as a result the LAPD will be forced to "protect and serve" the legal residents of this city.

The headline above links to Judicial Watch's press release.

Mexican Propaganda Shot Down

How California, Texas, and the rest of the United States Southwest became free of Mexican tyranny. Thanks to the San Francisco Museum.

The Truth Revealed

Here's an exampe of the idiocy happening here in Los Angeles. Tony Valdez, a "local news reporter" reveals for everybody listening the propaganda that many Mexicans in California believe. This includes many Mexican politicians and community leaders.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin and KFI radio talk show hosts, John and Ken.

The Great American Boycott Failure

Judging from my personal experience putting on a lot of miles around various parts of Los Angeles today, the intended boycott was a failure. From what I saw and experienced, business went on as usual. From LAX to my local market, it was just like any other Monday. In fact, it was nice to have roads without illegals. It was much faster getting around. The only problem area was when I got within a few blocks of one of a march route but that caused little delay.

I do hope voters all across the country think it was a big event and scared the hell out of them. Maybe it will move them to push their representitives in Washington to, at the very least, enforce the current immigration laws and take employers to task for supporting this hidden invasion.

I'm sure all the people who marched thought it was a big event. Just like a newborn who thinks his crib is the world and his neighborhood the universe. Luckily babies grow up, stop examining their bellybuttons and learn that the world is more than that.

Most of the illegals marching may never grow up. They have to stay in their little worlds or risk being deported, and they have to believe the bull their local politicians and Spanish language media feeds them because they don't have access to any other source of information.

Then they hear from all the ignorant loudmouths in their little world how all of the soutwest United States was stolen from Mexico. These ludmouths fail to mention that Mexico was originally part of Spain, the United States was part of England, Quebec was part of England and before that was part of France, parts of France were part of Germany, parts of Poland were part of Germany, parts of Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Paraguay were part of Bolivia, etc. Also, before Spain was in the southwest United States, it was occupied by various Indigenous peoples. These indigenous people descended from immigrants themselves. Those immigrants came originally from Asia by way of Alaska. So maybe it was once was part of Mexico. But the argument they use just shows how ignorant of history they are.